Centre for Environmental Studies & Sustainable Development

Master of Science in Environmental Science

The Master of Science in Environmental Sciences [MSc in Env. Sc.] is a programme of study developed in recognition of the importance of environmental concerns in today’s world.The programme aims to provide academic knowledge and training needed to tackle environmental problems through a multi-disciplinary approach.


Waste Management Project in OUSL

Sri Lanka generates 7000t of solid waste per day with the Western Province accounting for nearly 60% of waste generation. Each person generates an average of 1- 0.4kg of waste per day. The failure to address on waste management in the country several issues have been generating in dump sites (Karadiyana, Bluemendhal, Meethotamulla, Kolonnawa) and urban cities. In addition degradation of wetlands, coastline, rivers and other streams which become dumping sites for plastic waste and other mixed waste.

Green Policy Concept

Background & Policy Principles

The fast diminishing natural resource base of the world, on the one hand, and the collapse of the cycles of nature, on the other, both as a result of human activity, have brought sustainability to the forefront of the list of global issues discussed during the past few decades.